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*Newsletter – 19th Apr 2019*
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_Top_ _Ten_ _Links_ _for_ _You!!!_

💫Learn today About the Tolerance of the Prophet (peace be upon him) ? Duas for cancer treatment ? & Watch Shaykh Abdul Azeem Madani Hafizullah speak about *Qarz Dene Ki Fazilat*!

💫Aaj Jaaniye Allah ke Rasool ka Darguzar karna, Cancer ke Ilaj ke liye Duaen , Dekhiye Shaykh Abdul Azeem Madani Hafizahullah ka bayan Qarz Dene Ki Fazilat!

*1. Watch*

*Qarz Dene Ki Fazilat Kiya Hai*
*Shaikh Abdul Azeem Madani*

_”Ke Dunya Mai Allah ne use Maal diya tha, aur woh sab ko Karz diya karta tha”_
*2. Prophet’s Tolerance (peace be upon him)*

***3. Reciting Quranic Aayaath and Authentic Duas for cancer treatment****

‎*4. شعبان
‎ اور اسراء اور معراج کے کچھ اہم مباحث*اسراء+اور+معراج+کے+کچھ+اہم+مباحث

*5. పరదా*పరదా

*6. अल्लाह की किताबों पर ईमान*अल्लाह+की+किताबों+पर+ईमान

*7. Spanish*

*8. German*

*9. eBook*
###E-book list of Nederland language

*10. AIP Search:*شهر%20رمضان&gsc.sort=

*Today’s Qur’anic Verse:*
“And those who do not expect the meeting with Us say, “Why were not angels sent down to us, or [why] do we [not] see our Lord?” They have certainly become arrogant within themselves and [become] insolent with great insolence.” (25:21)

*Kids Special*

*Women’s Special*
#Halal recipes

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*This is just a drop from the AIP Ocean*
#Baarak Allaah
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*Qur’an In 18+ Languages*

*Wikipedia Style Articles In 23+ Languages*

*AIP Search Engine In 50+ Languages*

*eBooks In 71+ Languages*

*24/7 Live Channels*

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