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*Newsletter – WED 17th Apr 2019*
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_Top_ _Ten_ _Links_ _for_ _You!!!_

💫Learn today About Belief in the Last Day, Voluntary Fasting & Watch Shaykh R.K Noor Madani Hafizahullah speak about *Kiske Ghar be waqt na Jaaye*

💫Aaj Jaaniye Aakhirat Par Iman, Nafil Roze , aur Dekhiye Shaykh R.K Noor Madani Hafizahullah ka bayan *Kiske Ghar be waqt na Jaaye*!

*1. Watch*

*Kis Ke Ghar Be Waqt Na Jaye*
*RK Noor Madani Madani*

_”Chalo Das Ke Baad Chalte hain, Kisi Haalat mai unko pakdenge”_

*2. Belief in The Last Day*

*3. Voluntary Fasting*

*4. اللہ تعالی کے حقوق*اللہ+تعالی+کے+حقوق

*5. ఐకమత్యం*ఐకమత్యం

*6 रमज़ान+के+महीने+का+स्वागत+कैसे+करे*रमज़ान+के+महीने+का+स्वागत+कैसे+करे

*7. Swedish*

*8. German*

*9. eBook*
**INDONESIAN Language e-book list**
*10. AIP Search:*

*Today’s Qur’anic Verse:*
_” They have certainly disbelieved who say, ” Allah is the third of three.” And there is no god except one God. And if they do not desist from what they are saying, there will surely afflict the disbelievers among them a painful punishment. ” (5:73)_

*Kids’ Special*
*Womens’ Special*

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*This is just a drop from the AIP Ocean*
#Baarak Allaah
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*Wikipedia Style Articles In 23+ Languages*

*AIP Search Engine In 50+ Languages*

*eBooks In 71+ Languages*

*24/7 Live Channels*

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