Surah zilzal to naas 1st week target

Ramazan preparation 2023
3 month free Course
*Memorize Quranic Vocabulary*
(Rajab ,Shaban,Ramazan)
*First week*
Surah zalzala to Surah Naas (100 words)
*Second week :*
Surah balad to Surah zalzala (100 words )
*Third week :*
Surah mutaffifeen to Surah Balad (100 words )
*4th week :*
Surah naaziaat to mutaffifeen (100 words )
In sha Allaah
90 day free Course
*Memorize Quranic Vocabulary *
28 juz of Quran
29 juz of Quran
30 juz of Quran
1000 Quranic words divided by 90 days = 11 words daily
(15 January to
15 April ) in sha Allaah
*Assignments plan*
Please send 10 words weekly (written or Audio ) after memorising
On Whatsapp

1.Note* : the purpose of this WhatsApp group is to assist you to memorize in the supervision of the teacher
2.In 3 languages ( Arabic , Urdu , English ) it is optional to memorize in any language
For any doubts and clarifications
whatsapp to Arshad Basheer madani
#00919290621633( whatsapp only )

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