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#FacebookLive in Sha Allaah
#Ramzan, #Quran aur #Hu#
1. Qur’an padhna seekhiey.
2. Ramzan ke Fiqhi masael seekhiey.
3. Qur’an ke sabaq seekhiey.
4. Ek hadees per dars Aur sabaq
‏#Live #Daily #Schedule In sha Allaah
‏One hour live programs
‏10:30pm to 11: 30pm ( IST)
‏In sha Allaah
#1Hifz , Naazirah , Tajweed ki
‏#15Min live
‏10:30 PMto 10:45 PM
‏#5minute break Q/A
#2Ramazan ke fiqhi masael*
‏#20Minute live
‏10:50 PM to 11:10 PM
‏#5Min break Q/A
‏#3Quran se 4000 sabaq Series book ki sharah*
‏#10min live
‏11:15 PM TO 11:25 PM
‏#4Ek Hadees Ramazan se mutalliq
( 5 minute)*
‏11:25 PM to 11:30 PM
‏Note : Q/A related to any shariah issue!

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‏Arshad Madani is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

‏Topic: Arshad Madani’s Personal Meeting Room

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‏Meeting ID: 995 057 8972
‏Passcode: qbi3eR

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‏#Ahdaf , Quran se 4000 lessons book ( urdu )
‏*Free pdf books *
‏*Ramzan Related Videos*
‏*More books*


‏App apne Hafiz ya naazirah karne wale bachoun ko face book ya zoom ke zarie join karskte hai,in sha Allaah
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‏Whatsaap kijei
Old event – recorded
Day 9, Switserland

Day8,, London , UK
Day 7, Toronto ,Canada

Day 6Kurnool ,Andhra ,India
Days 5 , Dubai , UAE se students

Day 4, Bellari, Karnatak , India
‏Day 3, Saudi arab , Riadh se
‏ students
‏Day 2 ,Telangana Hyderabad, India se student
‏Day 1,seema Andhra india – Kurnool se student

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