Arabic audio visual course- 12 lessons

*Second part of 7 th lesson*
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*7th lesson *
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*6th lesson *
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**Lesson no .5 * *audio /visual*

**Lesson no .5 * *audio /visual*

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*Old lessons*
#Arabic #Grammar seekhiye free mai ghar baithe #Quranic Arabic Grammar – preface + 12 videos bahtareen powerful start ke liye ,iske bad dusre kitaben aur bade bade course karna asan hojaega in sha Allaah•
#Preface ( #Tamheed)


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*3rd lesson of Quranic Arabic Grammar *
*4th lesson *
*Quranic Arabic grammar -12 lesson Ek chart mai *

18. Basic Quranic Arabic GrammarEnglish

*Ppt notes *

*Report : 27 / 2/2021*
Till now we have completed 7 lessons from the Quranic Arabic Grammar course , kindly go through it and do the the home work and exercises so we can beging 8 th lesson to 12 lesson Verb and verbal sentences in sha Allaah

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