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*Newsletter – 15th May 2019*
(thrice in a week, SUN, WED, FRI)

_Top_ _11_ _Links_ _for_ _You!!!_

💫💫Learn today 100 advices from the Quran & Watch Shaikh Yasir al jabri madani Hafizahullaah speak about *Ramazan timetable*

💫Aaj Jaaniye 100 nasihaten quran, aur Dekhiye Shaikh Yasir al Jabri madani Hafizahullaah ka bayan *Ramazan Timetable*!

*1. Watch*

Ramadan Timetable || shaikh Yasir al Jabri Madani

*2. ENGLISH- 100 advices from a Quran*

*3. ENGLISH -Zakath*

(URDU mai 100 se ziada article)

*5. Telugu*
(More than 100 articles in Telugu Language)

*6 Hindi*
(more than 100 articles in Hindi language)

*7. Chinese*两个见证词

*8. Bengali Language*
(Many Articles)

*9. eBook ITALIANO*
*11. Translation of the meaning of the Quran:*
Bahasa / malayu/ Indonesia

*Today’s Qur’anic Verse:*
_” And He shows you His signs. So which of the signs of Allah do you deny?
” (40:81)_

*Kids Special*

*Women’s Special*

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*This is just a drop from the AIP Ocean*
#Baarak Allaah
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*Qur’an In 18+ Languages*

*Wikipedia Style Articles In 23+ Languages*

*AIP Search Engine In 50+ Languages*

*eBooks In 71+ Languages*

*24/7 Live Channels*

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