8 Tips to memorise the 10 words of qur’an

Assalamualaikum wa Rehmatullahi wa barakatuh
*8 Tips to memorise the 10 words and meaning of Qur’an in one sitting *

In sha Allaah with the help of Allaah

  1. *Ek Word ko 20 times repeat kariye

repeat one word 20 word

  1. Agar Word bada hai ya muskil hai to half half milaker padhey

*You can split the word to memorise easily *

  1. Recollect kariye bagair dekhe

*recollect without looking the word *

  1. Kisi ko sunana Har 10 Word ke bad

ask your friend to listen

  1. Kisi ka sunna

*listen from your friend *

*Listen the Surah or some Ayat from Shaikh Sudayyis or Shaikh shuraim audio 3 time before memorising the words and meanings *

6.Teen martaba Shaik Sudayyis ya shaikh Shuriam ki qirat sunna ke words yaad karney se pehley

  1. Choose feasible time and place
    Timing :After fajr or after Magrib
    Place : *Place free of distractions amd noises and sit close to wall to avoid distractions *
  2. Do Dua for easiness

Allahumma la sahla illa maa jaaltahu sahla wa anta tajalul hazna iza shita sahla

Ustaz : Arshad Basheer Madani

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