*Report :*
*Madani Self-paced learning system*
(september 2019 to March 2021)
Ustaz : Arshad Basheer Madani
,Alhamdulillaah *
1.Whatsapp ke kaee groups ko manage karne ka Allaah ne mouqa Inayat farmae
2. 2019 se
5000 se ziada Particpants ko free mai Taleem di jarahi hai Alhamdulillaah
3.* Tafseer* ke 10 groups
4. *Hadith*ka 1 group
5. Uloom hadeee Aur ilme rijal ke 4 group
6. *Fiqh *Aur Qawaed e fiqhiya ke 6 group
7. *Madani Q/A* ke 6 groups
8. Kids ke liye 4 groups
9. *Arabic grammar* ke 7 groups
10. *Quranic vocabulary* 6000 words ko yad karne ke liye 6 groups
11. Har din ya weekly do martaba ya week mai ek martaba baz groups mai naya post send kia jata hai
12. Sirf education spread karna maqsad hai take aman qaim Dono jahan mai

Groups join karskate hai
*self-paced learning concept *
per Taleem hogi in sha Allaah *
#Free service
•Kisi bhi Ayat ki Tafseer maloom karna ho
•Ya Kisi bhi Hadees ke hukum sahih ya zaeef maloom karna ho
• ya koi fatwa search karke dena ho to
Whatsaap kijie
In sha Allaah
#har Friday ko hi Q/A ki service open rahegi in sha Allaah
Disclaimer :
Our service and Is Just a Compiler of Authentic Islamic Information and it is neither a Fatawa Centre nor a Court of Law
Note : it is allowed to ask general queries and it is strictly not allowed to ask queries relating to particular people , Jamat , organisations etc. or specific issue which are related to court (Qaza ).
If the matter is political Or related to Qaza and ijtimaeee issues then please go back to the team of kibar ulama of your area and ask them because this platform is only for normal islamic education inquiry not for the big issue which requires lajnah Of Kibar ulama and Mufti ( Team Of experienced scholars
“( ijtimaaee masael mai individual rae ki ahmiyat kam Aur ijtimaeee shuraeee nizam wale ulema ke faisle o fatwe Ziyad aham hain )“
##Your khadim and
Slave of Allaah
Arshad Basheer Madani
**How to start?** in sha Allaah
You can inbox your query on this Number 00919290621633
You can join in WhatsApp group through join link to get the answers in sha Allaah
Link :
4.*Madani Q/A Group *
Link Group 6 (female )
Link : Group 5
Link : Group 4
Link: Group 3
Link :group 1
Link:Group 2
*** Apka sawal , whatapp per Jawab *
*Third batch ki shurooaat horahi hai in sha Allaah *✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅
4 December se in sha Allaah
6 Ilm ur rijaal Aur Uloom Ul Hadees
First batch ki report 2019 to 2020*
WhatsApp Group ke Pahli batch mai 400 regular participants they, jo 6 month Mujhe se Ilm ur rijaal Aur Uloom Ul Hadees padhte rahe baqi ke 100 se ziada student mukammal Na karske kuch masroofiyaat ki Wajah se, Allaah sab ko barkat ata farmae
Second batch mai 700 se ziada participants
*Kindly join*
*Third batch ki shurooaat horahe hai in sha Allaah *
*4 December se in sha Allaah *
6 Ilm ur rijaal Aur Uloom Ul* **Hadees*
7 Ilm ur rijaal Aur Uloom Ul Hadees
8 Ilm ur rijaal Aur Uloom Ul Hadees
9 Ilm ur rijaal Aur Uloom Ul Hadees
Subject : *Qawed Fiqhiyyah ke third batch ki shurooaat 2020 ,4 dec se in sha Allaah *
*Qawaide Fiqhiyyah ka Yeh group mai urdu Aur English mai notes free mai diye jaenge in sha Allaah *
*7th group *
*5th group *
* free Quranic Arabic Grammar *
Group 11
12th group
13th group
Please join in the 14th , 15th and 16th group
In sha Allaah
*14th groups *
*15th group *
*16th group Barakallaah *
*Yeh group mai urdu Aur English mai notes free mai diye jaenge in sha Allaah *
*Tafseer group *
* 50 Hadees jo Har Ek ko janna zururi *
*Memorize meanings of 6000 words of the noble Quran in 60 weeks.*
•*Phase 1*: 3000 words with meanings in 30 weeks
•*Phase 2* :3000 words with meanings in 30 weeks
Assalamualaykum ,
1.Second batch is Starting from 23rd January 2021 in sha Allaah
2.Let’s memorize meanings of 6000 words of the noble Quran with Arshad Basheer Madani•
3.Note* : the purpose of this WhatsApp group is to assist you to memorize in the supervision of the teacher
4. In 3 languages ( Arabic , Urdu , English ) it is optional to memorize in any language
5. Every Saturday ,you will get 100 words and meanings in sha Allaah
6. Daily you need to memorise 15 words only in sha Allaah
Female *
Madani whatapp Group
Male *
Madani whatapp Group 24,25,26
For any doubts and clarifications
Ladies can inbox on #00919849307324( WhatsApp only )
And gents can inbox on
#00919290621633( whatsapp only )
#Free entry # WhatsApp group
*Note 1*
Madani Tafseer group ka maqsad hai ke Tafseer ul Quran ke audio ki series send ki jae
Jis mai qadeem Aur jadeed muhaqqiq mufassireen ke Tafaseer ke mafhaeem pesh kie jaenge take Apko kam time mai information miljae Ayat ba Ayat in sha Allaaah, is group mai shareek hone wale Mujhe mashwara deskate hai is amal ko Aur bahtreen Kaise asani ke sat readers Aur listeners ke liye pesh kia jasakte hain in sha Allaah
*Note2 :* Madani Tafseer Group is meant for receiving audio clips of Tafseer accordingly but Not daily ,the people who are joining this group can Watch or listen the audio series of Tafseer ul Quran and share your knowledge and healthy suggestions On the whatapp number 00919290621633 ,
Arshad Basheer Madani *note :2 *
ramzaan se pahle mukhtasar har juz ya Surah ka taruf sunna chate hai to link click kijie Aur detail sunna chate hai to group join kijie in sha Allaah
#Ramazan se pahle Quran ka taruf refresh kijiie #Har din Quran ke 1 juz ( PARA ) ka Truf hasil kijie !!

Day 10 Lessons From Quran | Arshad Basheer Madani

*Madani Tafseer*
Madani Tafseer 37
Madani tafseer 38
Madani tafseer 39
Madani tafseer 40
Madani tafseer 41 female
Madani tafseer 42 female
Madani tafseer 43 female
Madani tafseer 44 female
Madani tafseer 45
Madani tafseer 46

*Note *: alim type karrahe mere duroos Aur in group mai Send karna asan horaha hai Alhamdulillaah
*Note* : alim ko typing fees time per denge to zahni tour per sukoon rahe ga Aur kam acha hoga please support kije monthly in sha Allaaah
Ustaz : Arshad Basheer Madani

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