Arshad Basheer Madani *presents *
1. Learn arabic conversation + vocabulary without Grammar
2. It is free
3. You will get (audio and written) Arabic prepared phrases weekly or accordingly and not daily.
4.The purpose is to learn to communicate powerfully in Arabic language
5. Level 1 and Level 2
In sha Allaah
Group 11

Within an hour the11th group became ful
Alhamdulillaah Barakallaah
Please ask new members to join the 12th group
Alhamdulillaah the 12 th group saturated too

13th group
13thgroup is full too Alhamdulillah Barakallaah
Please join in the 14th , 15th and 16th group
In sha Allaah
*14th groups *
*15th group *
*16th group Barakallaah *

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