Hadith ka Taaruf

QHSC mutalah hadith canada ppt

A. sahih

#Definition of a Sahih Hadith :

In the technical convention of the sciences of hadith,

a sahih hadith is the one

1.whose chains are connected (Muttasil)

2.which has the just (i.e impartial) narrators,( Adalat)

3.which has the narrations from those that have a firm grip over their memorization,(tammuzzabat)

4.There should not be any oddity: [No SHAZZ] :

A trustworthy narrator (siqah) should not be contradicting another most trustworthy narrator (ausaq).

5.No hidden defect in the hadith: There shouldn’t be any hidden defect in the narration (which is not obvious) .

(NO Illat khafiyya kadihah)


Some scholars have considered the addition of [tammuzzabat] absolutely necessary so that the difference between sahih and hasan is understood. Hadith with [tammuzzabt] is considered sahih and the one with [khafeefuzzabat] is considered hasan.

C.zaeef :

Linguistically : dhaeef (weak) is the opposite of quaviy (strong). The weakness can be physical or abstract meaning :

Technically     : a weak hadith is a hadith in which the criteria of a hasan hadith are not completely found.

D.maozuu :

Fabricated :

It’s the kind of weak hadith in which baseless things are attributed to the Prophet ﷺ.

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