•Few Features of Ocean the ABM School: Alhamdulillaah

•Few Features of Ocean the ABM School:


1. Islamic Studies syllabus in english has been customized and prepared specially according to the age group

2.audio visual arabic syllabus is delivered in the voice of Arshad Basheer Madani for Pre primary students

3. Kreedo ( learn through playful activities for kids ) , robotic and smart educational system has been applied in the School

4. *(philosophy of Ibn Khaldun education system)*

The concept which has been introduced by Ibne khaldun and which has been nominated as the best educational system for transformation of generation

in the journals of Europe and America has been reapplied in the school,filtering in the light of Quran and Sunnah with the understanding of sahaba and with the fulfilment of contemporary need of smart education .

5.From the last 15 years ,Arshad basheer Madani has served islamic Madarsa ,Islamic schools and contemporary schools in the form of advisor , designer of syllabus , consultant of educational institutes , author of books ,televangelist in different tv channels , Internet programs and social media which compelled him to serve the next generation through ocean the ABM school. In sha Allaah

6. People in the management of Ocean school are very popular for serving mankind relentlessly from the past 15 years . They are experienced in educational activities and in developing the new generation with virtues of optimism, good conduct , humanity and peace.

*Director* :Shaikh Nooruddin Umeri Hafizahullaah


*Director *: Br. Mansoor Hafizahullaah

Kindly contact Arshad Basheer Madani ( whatsapp msg only )


Or you can call and message br mansoor


Jazakumullaahu Kairan

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